“Blacksmiths are people who shape and mold things. That is the mission for Blacksmith Management and Blacksmith Music Corporation.”
— Corey Smyth, THE ROYAL MAGAZINE Issue7

Blacksmith lacksmith has made significant impressions in many facets of the entertainment industry. Blacksmith has been known for its ability to develop talent thoroughly and efficiently in order for them to stand out in an oversaturated business. Whether it is marketing and advertising opportunities, music evaluations, or management consulting, Blacksmith provides the expertise that it takes to gain widespread notoriety and stability in the industry.

Corey Smyth launched Blacksmith Management in 1991. Familiar names past and present under this management include, De La Soul, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Res, and Anjulie. The Blacksmith name gives an artist automatic credibility as artists have graced TV screens, magazines alongside their label deals. With Corey’s proven track record of developing artists and building long-term careers for his talent, and Talib Kweli’s skill and ability to make quality music, as partners, they were able to attain a deal with Warner Bros. Records. This deal expanded Blacksmith from being just a management company, to also becoming a music label and an unyielding force in the music industry.

Blacksmith Music Corp established in 2006 as a label to combat the norm, the norms being mainstream music as well as underground. As those segments of music attack each other over what quality music should be, Blacksmith shows the world what quality music is. It’s opening roster of artists, Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, and Strong Arm Steady, has been known to cross audiences and with this being the first year of Blacksmith as a label, there is a lot in store.

One can anticipate the expansion of Blacksmith as a company and it’s artist roster along with its stake in the entertainment industry. Look forward to new albums from Talib Kweli and Jean Grae releasing in 2006.



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